>Thanksgiving Week

>Thanksgiving week is here already – now, how do we avoid the annual Holiday Weight Gain?

Key #1:  Awareness!  Heck, we already know from experience what November and December do to our mighty bodies.  We also know what we should do, right?  More veggies, less gravy; more exercise, less football-watching.  More turkey, less pie, and so on.  Knowing is the first half of the battle.

Key #2:  Choose your battles!  If you will simply die without your beloved stuffing and gravy, have some and enjoy it!  Watch your portion sizes, though, and maybe skip the pie.  Maybe drink more water and less wine or beer or soda.  You already know your personal trouble spots.  What will you do to minimize the effect of that stuffing and gravy?  Know your strategy, and stick to it.  I’m already proud of you for planning ahead!

After a big meal, take the dog for an extra-long walk.  Join the kids outside to toss a Frisbee around.  Get really crazy – put on some funky music and show off the disco steps you learned in the 80’s!  Everyone will have a good time and your body will thank you.  Make it fun!  You are moving in the direction of a trimmer and healthier physique!



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