>Thoughts on being 8

>Take a moment during your holiday preparations to think about being a child.  How free did you feel when you were 8?  No worries about making the rent, fixing the roof, or whether the car needs tires.  To be 8 is to be unconcerned with cellulite and the bathroom scale.  Movement is unfettered by aching knees and stiff lower backs.  Running is easy and graceful.  Riding your bike is nirvana.   Swimming is joyful.  And skipping!  Remember skipping down the street with a huge smile on your face?  Movement just comes naturally to a healthy, limber body.   Exercise = play, not exercise = work.

Now, how can we get back to feeling great again?  This is the perfect time of year to start by being grateful for how healthy and resilient your body already is.  Yes, it really is!  If you are breathing and well enough to sit upright to read this, then send out a little “thank you” to the universe, your mom, God, as you wish.

Are you ready, right now, for a simple exercise that will make your body say, “aaahhhhhhhh”?  Here it is:  Have a seat.  Take off your shoes and get comfy.  Stick one leg out in front of you, gracefully, like your inner 8-year-old.  Now use your big toe to trace the alphabet, one letter at a time.  A.  Then B.  Then C.  You know how!  When you finish, put that foot back down and extend your other leg.  First A.  Then B, and so on.  Aaaaahhhhh!  Did you do it?  Can you hear your feet and calves thanking you for giving them that lovely little stretch?  More to follow!



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