>Post-Thanksgiving changes

>Wow, do I ever feel a need to cut back on the food intake!  The first step for me is to think about what I’ve been eating for the last few days – and then pick out one or two foods that are not serving my goals, and that simply need to go.  Sooooo, . . .  Bon voyage, French fries.  Pumpkin pie also has got to stop, but there is only one slice left . . . so after breakfast tomorrow, the pie issue will be solved  : )  

French fries are a double whammy for me.  Not only are they carbs soaked in grease, but I also put both salt and ketchup on them.  That turns the fries into a big sodium bomb that makes me feel all bloated the next day.  Yick.  No more fries!  I choose to eat food that makes me feel good, not yicky.

I could decide to have salad instead of fries, but I’m really not a big salad eater.  And, I only eat fries at restaurants – never at home.  So, I choose to just drop them and not replace them.  A burger by itself is still yummmm.  If I’m craving something more, I can always have a low-fat yogurt or single-serve applesauce when I get home.  My small food change for this week is to cut out fries again. 

Yes, again – I have quit eating fries before!  Somehow they crept back in.  Improving health habits is like playing whack-a-mole.  The bad habit that starts showing up again needs to be whacked again.  Over the long run, though, the healthier choices that you consciously decide to make each day start to replace the old less-healthy choices. 

The trick is to just keep whacking away at it without giving up or deciding that you just can’t do this.  You can do it!  Decide on one small change at a time.  We’re not talking about a complete overhaul in one day to just seaweed, tofu and brown rice for the rest of your life.  Ewww, we can do much better than that!  Banish those fries, or whatever your nemesis is right now.  Next week we’ll make one more small change.  You deserve to feel GREAT every day!



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