>Winter Workouts

>How do you work out when it is raining or snowing or worse outside?  Do you have a plan for this winter?  I love to run, but running in the rain is not one of my favorite things.  Running in the dark is not so great either – and now it is dark by the time I get home from work.  And my “neuroma foot” hurts, so running is tough anyway.  Cold, rainy days make me want to just brew a cup of tea, snuggle in and read.  Reading is not aerobic, however. . .

Turns out that I have many of the same excuses for not exercising as you, right?  (1) Too cold; (2) too dark; (3) my foot (or knee, or back, or whatever it is for you) hurts; along with the others, like (4) I’m tired; and (5) I am starving!  Luckily for us there are some excellent workout videos available.  These have become my best workout buddies.

The beauty of workout videos is that you do not have to go out to the gym.  There’s no issue with child care.  Your DVD player never closes for the night, so you can eat when you get home and do your workout at 9 PM if you want.  You can work out in whatever makes you comfortable – there is no dress code.  Nobody is looking at you, so there is no judgement or need to be self-conscious.  There is nearly always a suggested modification to avoid stressing your knee, or your back, or whatever your particular issue may be.

Your kids and your husband and even your dog can join in the fun if you like – or, close the door and declare your workout time your own.  Work out at 5 am when your household is asleep.  If there’s not a big open space in the house, it’s probably dry and safe in the garage.  Do what you need to do to carve out space and time to exercise!

Think of it this way:  Your husband will be happy to see you getting more fit and healthy.  Your outlook will be more positive, always a good thing.  Your children will appreciate the extra energy you have.  Your neighbors and friends will start to tell you that You Look Fantastic, and they will ask, what are you doing?  They want in on it too!  Start a movement in your local circle!

The Beachbody company has some wonderful workout videos, of course – they created P90X, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, and others.  You can check those out  by browsing my Coach web page, right here:    http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/gailschal .  There are also some great videos at sporting goods stores, even at Target and WalMart.  There is no reason for you not to work out, even in winter!  More to follow!



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