>Even a little progress is still progress

>A few days ago I posted about my plans for healthy meals and some workouts.  Maybe you also filled in the little template or jotted down a plan for yourself.  That’s good!  Now, time to look it over and see how we all did.
umm, I did not do so well.  I absolutely stayed off the French fries, so one point for that.  The other meals that were sketched out, I hit about 70%.  On the exercise side . . .  well, I did walk the dog every single morning, but missed a couple of the nighttime walks.  And missed all the other workouts completely.  It was not a particularly good week on the work front.  So, overall, I give myself about a 50%.

The good news is that I did eat better the last few days than I would have without making the plan.  And, I left myself lots of room for improvement.  (How’s that for rationalization!)

This week, improvement is in order.  Also, it is time to jettison one more food choice that is not doing me any favors.  This one will be a substitution:  I will replace one non-water beverage each day with a glass of water.  That could be a cup of tea (since I always sweeten my tea), or a cup of cocoa, or a diet soda.  Yep, water is better for you than diet soda, every single time.  It’s not about the calories.  Diet soda still tastes sweet, so your body stays in “give me sugar” mode.

Small changes add up to big results, so find a small change that you know you can make, and can sustain.  In a few days, we’ll find another small change to make.  It may be a change in what you eat or drink, or may be a change in your activity level.  One step at a time, we can all do this!  More to follow –



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