>Holiday temptations

>What is it about December that entices well-intentioned people to eat stuff that is not good for us?  Temptation is everywhere.  Someone brought fudge into the office earlier this week – about the time we finished off the See’s chocolates.  Homemade cookies keep showing up too.  A vendor sent me a dozen brownies – 12 different flavors, no less – from Fairy Tale Brownies.  No kidding.  How could that be anything but scrumptious?

Some days I am so fortunate to have learned about my gluten sensitivity.  I gave the brownies away.  Eating anything with wheat in it makes me wheezy and sneezy so I have a learned aversion to such foods.  Even the cream-cheese-marble brownie.  Even the toffee-bits brownie.  Yep, even the raspberry-swirl number.  That’s about a million calories that did not get added to my already-splendid-enough-thank-you girth.

It occurred to me tonight that I did not drink much water today.  It was quite cold outside, by California standards – only 36 degrees when I left for work this morning.  Probably even colder at daybreak, when I went out to walk the dog.  My beverage of choice on cold days is hot tea, decaffeinated, with honey.  I am drinking my water now, knowing that my body still needs it even on cold days.  A cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows sounds much warmer and yummier.  I’m blaming the holiday spirit for planting that less-healthy thought in my head.

I hope you are indulging in a few special holiday treats.  Completely depriving yourself would make you feel like you were missing out, so enjoy (in moderation)!  The last couple of weeks of the year are a special time.  We’ll undo the extra calories by ramping up the exercise habit when January arrives.  More to follow!


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