>It’s a whole new year!

>No matter what challenges you may have faced in 2010, that year is now over.  The party poppers have been popped, the champagne is gone, and the Times Square ball has dropped.  We have a whole new year ahead of us, with all of the potential and possibilities that only we can choose to make happen.

What goals and plans do you have for 2011?  Is this a year of big changes for you?  My niece and her husband just welcomed a new baby to their family – first child, so their lives just took a monumental turn into a new direction.  My sister bought a new house – also a turning point, a memorable moment.  When I return to work tomorrow morning, it will be to a new boss.  Change can be stressful, but change happens every single day whether we notice it or not.  In fact, we get to cause change!

Several of my running buddies and I have agreed to support each other to lose 5 pounds by the end of January.  This will kick off our fitness goals for the year – along with making plans for our next half-marathon in March.  We are accountable to each other and to ourselves to follow through, to lose the pounds, to train for the half.  Are you also fortunate to have friends or family members who will support you in your goals and hold you accountable for doing what you said you would?  What a great gift!

So, let’s see.  What small changes can I make that will move me forward in my fitness goals?  More exercise will help!  Six miles this morning in the fog, mostly walking but a little running too.  Five and a half yesterday, and we didn’t even get rained on.  What I love about exercising is how good it feels to move, to breathe deeply, to sweat – and how satisfying it is to relax later.  A good workout is great for relieving stress!

More small changes.  I went to Sam’s Club today and came home with low-fat milk, a big container of organic spinach, fresh mushrooms, frozen shrimp.  The only processed foods were the gluten-free crackers and the applesauce.  Still, actual food.  That’s a good start.  This week will be about healthy soups with GF crackers and hummus or some cheese; mushroom and spinach omelets; GF pasta with tomato sauce and garlicky sausage made with chicken and turkey.  Shrimp, defrosted and dunked in cocktail sauce.  And applesauce instead of ice cream.  Mmmm, pretty good for healthy stuff!

All the best to you in 2011!  More to follow –


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