>Surprise workout!

>OK, so I’ve mentioned that I am an independent Beachbody coach.  My favorite Beachbody product is the nutrition shake, called Shakeology.  Low glycemic index (only 24!), 140 calories, and packed full of nutrition – it’s a pretty amazing product.  When you order it on home delivery, you get a 30-day supply once a month and pay no shipping.

Here’s the surprise.  Beachbody includes two workout DVD’s with the first shipment.  I thought, easy starter workouts, right?  Wrong!  These are tough, serious workouts!  I did the 30-minute workout tonight and it was quite a challenge.  The second workout is 50 minutes.  I will need to work my way up to that one!

The trouble with easy workouts is that they don’t help much, and they’re boring.  I won’t be bored by this workout for awhile.  It is enough of a challenge that I know I’ll do it again, but not so overwhelmingly tough that I will just give up.  Something to work towards.  This makes me *smile*.  I feel mighty! 

More to follow!


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