>Sunshine in January

>I am loving the sunshine today, after days of overcast, cloudy, rainy, and/or foggy weather.  It’s much harder to find the motivation to work out on the gray days when all you want to do it snuggle in with a book, a blanket, and a cup of hot tea.  That’s where workout buddies become lifesavers.

Yesterday – yep, one of those gray days – I went out for a walk/run with a group that includes most of my running tribe.  When I first woke up, all I wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep.  Even the dog was not excited to be going outside for her walk.  It was just cold and damp, not every inviting.  I came up with several good excuses for not going.

My tribe would be looking for me if I didn’t show up.  They would be asking where I was.  Being part of a group helps make me accountable.  Did I get out of bed and go join the group?  You bet I did.  We had a good time, chatting as we trotted along for nearly 8 miles.

There is workout karma associated with getting it done, too.  Yesterday was “20% off at Sports Basement” day.  Not only that, but my favorite Asics running shoes – usually around $100 – were only $65.  With the 20% discount, they were $52.  And they had my size, in the width I needed, and even the color I wanted!  Major Score!

Today, the sun is shining.  Getting outside for a few miles today is easy – I want to be outside anyway.  Thank you to my friends for being there when I really needed you yesterday morning! 


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