>Fitness for real people

>I read a great article today in Runners World about the marathon run by four finalists in the Biggest Loser reality show.  How inspiring is that!  These four individuals were on Biggest Loser because they were significantly overweight and out of shape.  The BL program puts them on a tough exercise regimen and keeps track of how much weight they lose.  Running, of course, is a great way to burn calories – but some of these folks have some medical challenges to struggle with too.

Amazing that after less than 5 months (June 1st till October 11th) with Biggest Loser, these four were fit enough to run 26.2 miles.  From huffing and puffing when walking, to running 26.2 miles.  Less than 5 months.  Most marathon training plans assume that you are already fit enough to run a few miles, then you train for 4 months to build up to marathon distance.  The BL group started out far behind this level of fitness.  

It would be easy to say, hey:  if they can do it, so can you.  That’s not a very fair statement.  These folks are training 5 hours a day and working closely with personal trainers and nutritionists.  They still all made incredible fitness gains in a very short time, not taking anything away from their accomplishments at all – but that full-time, intense focus is not available for most of us.  We have other obligations in our lives, like jobs, families, dishes to wash and lawns to tend.

What about considering this question:  Does it make a difference to have a huge amount of motivation and a deadline to lose the weight and get in shape?  And, if it does, what is your motivation?  What is your deadline?

The BL winner gets a check for $250,000 – that’s pretty big motivation.  The deadline is built in for them.  For most of us, it’s easy to say, I will lose the extra weight.  Maybe you say this every New Year’s.  We all know how long most resolutions last, right?  Maybe a month, maybe even less than that.  The hard part is sticking to the goal and actually doing it. 

What is your motivation?  and by what date must you absolutely, positively be fit and at a healthy weight?  The biggest obstacle seems to be that, for most of us, it seems like something we can just put off for awhile.  We’ll get around to it, but there are too many other things to do today.  It’s not a crisis.  Yet.

Make this your year to get healthy.  Start going for a walk each day.  Start moving more and eating less – and eating better.  Choose the apple instead of the pie, the grilled chicken and veggies rather than the greasy burger and fries.  It doesn’t take longer, I promise.  Apples and bananas are the original fast food.  And my little George Foreman grill can cook chicken faster than you can drive to KFC, get your bucket, and get back home.  Veggies come frozen in huge bags at Costco and microwave in a couple of minutes. 

Small changes become new habits and produce great results.  Yes, you can do this.  I can do it too.  Let’s keep each other on track!


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