>My last post was more than three months ago.  During that time, my mom was hospitalized with pneumonia.  (She is doing OK now, although there are some lingering effects following her illness.)  A close friend and co-worker was hospitalized with pneumonia and a type-A flu; my friend passed after a month in a medical coma in the intensive care unit.  Another co-worker lost his mom to pneumonia, and yet another lost her husband to a sudden heart attack.

Wow.  There is a serious need for health care around here – and I’m not talking about the kind dispensed by doctors.  The only one who can truly care for your health is you.  The only one who can care for my health is me. 

Your doctor cannot make sure that you are eating a reasonably healthy diet or taking whatever supplemental vitamins or minerals you may need.  Your doctor cannot exercise for you, buckle your seat belt for you, or put the helmet on your head when you’re out for a ride.  He or she can only advise, and then treat your symptoms when you are sick or injured. 

So, what have you done for your health lately?  I have to confess, I’ve let mine slide a bit.  Too much sitting and not enough walking, running, or other exercise.  Too much eating – and not enough veggies. 

It is time for me to re-commit and re-focus on taking care of myself.  I know, there are so many other things that also demand our time!  Believe me, I can relate!  But you know, it’s like the flight attendants always tell us:  If the person in the next seat will need your help, then put on your own oxygen mask first.  You are no good to them if you are unconscious. 

For all the people in your life that you love and want to be there for – you have to take care of your own health first.  I am putting myself back on that wagon.  I hope you are well  : )


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