>Day 2 of the Big Reboot

>Yesterday I made the decision to return to my healthy lifestyle.  That makes today, as every day, a time to take another step into that decision.

The first thing in my morning every day is walking the doggie.  Done with that, the doggie has been for her walk.  Morning walks are only a half mile or so, but it does get the day started for both of us.  Since the dog arrived in my life, I am so much more aware of the weather : )

Then, a Shakeology shake for breakfast – tons of nutrition, just a little handful of calories.  Seriously, like 150 calories plus another 30-ish for the splash of milk I add to make it even yummier.  I’ve packed a banana and a protein bar for snacks during the day when I need a little something, although the Shakeology usually keeps me rock-solid until 11 or so.

Time to go to work already – so what will the exercise plan be for today?  It may rain, so I’m undecided between a nice long walk after work, or pop in an exercise video and do my workout indoors.  Chalene Extreme is my top choice if the weather pushes me inside.

Now that my intention is published, I know I will follow through!  Keep well!


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