>Cool things to see on a walk

>The doggie and I see many things on our daily walks.  We live in an area of rolling hills, near a small golf course, less than a mile from a large open-space park – and only a couple of miles from an even larger wilderness area.  There is a lot of open space nearby for various wildlife and woodland creatures to enjoy, even though we are just 30 miles from San Francisco. 

On our walk this morning, we noticed some rustling in the bushes along the edge of the golf course.  A deer emerged into the sunshine.  There were two fawns behind her, not much bigger than my dog.  It seemed like they were looking for a way to get back out, past the chain-link fences of the course.  Finally the doe backtracked, then ran for the fence and jumped.

The doe trotted across the street and down Vine Hill.  The two fawns, however, were too small to make that jump . . . and both disappeared into the shrubbery on the course.

Doggie and I crossed the street and opened a side gate along the golf course, and called to one of the maintenance guys nearby to let him know there were a pair of baby deer on his course.  He said he’d leave the gate open so they could get back out.  I hope they find the mommie deer.

So, when you are buzzing around in the morning getting your shower, making breakfast, and dashing out the door – imagine what is going on in YOUR neighborhood that is just down the street and around the corner.  You may find that it is worth the effort of getting up 20 minutes earlier to take a nice brisk walk and find out!


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