>Benefits of sleeping

>Maybe it’s just an ordinary Thursday night thing.  By this point in the week, I am feeling a bit tired, ready to put my feet up and read a magazine.  The body does need rest too, in addition to exercise and a healthy diet.  In fact, more exercise means you need more sleep.  For runners, it works out to an extra minute each night for each mile you run in the week.  So, run 20 miles a week, sleep an extra 20 minutes each night.  For other types of strenous exercise, roughly an extra 5 minutes every night for each hour spent working out each week.

I’ve read that many of us try to get by on 6 hours or less each night.  Our poor bodies!  We need more shut-eye than that!  I am regularly guilty of cheating myself out of getting enough sleep.  Regular exercise can make you sleep like a baby, so enjoy a few additional zzzzz’s each night and feel like a new person every morning.


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