Attitude of Gratitude

There are two great stress-busters that I know of:  exercise and gratitude.  Unfortunately, I regularly get myself all stressed out about something and forget to use them. 

Stress causes all manner of troubles in the body including headaches and crankiness, indigestion, and high blood pressure.  It can cause weight gain – some of us overeat to drown out the stress.  Stress hormones like cortisol seem to cause cravings for precisely the foods most of us try to avoid:  fats and sweets. 

So, dust off your super-tools and use them to help you control the stress in your day. 

Even just a few minutes of an activity that causes you to break a sweat will help.  Keep a pair of sneakers under your desk so you can catch a 10-minute walk at break time instead of hitting the break room for a donut.  You’ll appreciate the fresh air at the same time.  Find a buddy to learn yoga with at lunchtime.  Walk around the field a few times during your son’s soccer or baseball practice.

Spend ten minutes thinking about all the wonderful people and things in your life, even while you’re driving.  Two, 4, 6, 8, who do YOU appreciate?  Your spouse, your best friend, your mom?  How about the co-worker in the cubicle across from yours who always offers a smile and asks you how you are in the morning (and cares about how you really are), or the next-door neighbor who brings you tomatoes from his garden.  Big and small, appreciate the gestures and smiles and kind words that come your way.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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