Is your life perfect yet?

Is your life everything you want it to be?  Your health, your finances, your relationships with friends and family, your career – is it all exactly what you hoped it would be? 

If not, why not?  Maybe your answer to this question takes you in a direction like “if only my boss were not such a jerk”, or “my kids take all my free time and I can’t work out”, or “the economy is terrible right now, you know, or “it costs too much to eat healthy”, or “well, you should MEET my mother and you’d understand”. . .

Hmmm.  The trouble with each of those statements is that you cannot fix the problem.  You can’t fix your boss, or reduce the cost of healthy food, fix the global economy, or choose a more suitable mother.  With the kids, have you given yourself permission to not work out by believing you spend every free moment with your little ones?  We’ll come back to that one another day.  For now: you owe it to your kids to work out regularly – get down on the floor and play along with them!

The point is, the only way you can start to re-shape your life to be everything you ever wanted is to take 100% responsibility for the way it is.  Do you wish you weighed less?  Own the fact that your current weight is the result of choices you made.  Do you wish you got along better with members of the family?  Own your own responsibility in whatever disputes have created rifts.  Wish you got along better with the boss?  Can you think of things you may have done or said that contributed to the problem?

None of this is intended to make you feel bad.  The only things you can fix are the things you can control.  If you – and only you – caused the weight gain, then you have the power to fix it.  Bingo!  It is under YOUR control! 

Relationship issues?  Try keeping track of everything you appreciate about your nemesis, whether its your spouse, parent, sibling, or boss.  Maybe your mom treats you like a child, but she’s tops in her bowling league, bakes cookies regularly for the homeless shelter, and paints gorgeous landscapes.  Appreciate her good points and let the other stuff go.  Appreciate your spouse, your siblings, and yes – even your boss.  If you can come up with enough positives, you may be able to greet the boss with a genuine smile in the morning.

All this is easier said that done!  Get one foot in front of the other and start making up your mind to have the life you crave.  If you want things to be better, you have all the power to make it happen!


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