There are signs along the highway in Washington State that say “LITTER AND IT WILL HURT”.  Yes, in all caps.  A thinly veiled threat, if you ask me.  You couldn’t post a sign like that in California – it is just not okay to threaten people there.  However, I noticed that there is a lot less litter along the highways in Washington than in California.

Maybe the signs could also mean not to eat junk food and litter your insides.  After all, who is going to feel the hurt later?  That Big Mac, Whopper, Super Star, tower of fried onion rings – with chili mayo to dip them in, no less – and the 1400-calorie milkshake that does not even contain milk or ice cream . . . you know you feel better when you eat some grilled chicken with a nice fresh salad, or a banana and a glass of milk, right?  Or a baked potato and some wild-caught salmon seasoned with dill and fresh lemon.  OK, I am making myself hungry!  Have a beautiful day and let’s keep the littering down, shall we?


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