Sweating with Friends

Today I ran 7.2 miles through rolling hills with three running buddies.  The course was challenging, but I had Susan, Debbie, and Dros to chat with along the way.  After the run, we had arranged to go to breakfast together so we could continue to visit.  I learn so much from these women about the best running gear, best websites, best restaurants, best movies, you name it.

The miles go by faster with company, and conversation is much more interesting than anything on my iPod.  Do you have a workout buddy in your circle of friends?  There’s something about sweating together, working towards similar goals, that bonds people.

Another wonderful thing about working out with friends is the accountability.  You may not feel like getting up for an 8 am run by yourself, but when you know your friends will be there you haul yourself out of bed and show up.  Conventional wisdom says the first step out the door is the toughest part of working out, and I agree. 

I am an independent coach/distributor for Beachbody, and have to say: Beachbody has the accountability part of exercising nailed.  Set up a free account, then just log in and post your workout in the WOWY section (Work Out With You).  There’s a chat area for you to visit with the others who have just finished their workouts.  You can add others in as your workout buddies, post messages, set up times to work out together – even if you’re hundreds of miles apart.  This is pretty great stuff!  Here’s a link if you are interested in joining: https://www.teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/free?referringRepId=43220

So, workout with your new friends and watch your results start to happen!  Browse around the Beachbody site for inspiration.  You will find people who have lost more than 100 pounds and look amazing – many post their before and after pictures to give you an idea of just how far they have come.  Enjoy!


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