For Beauty or Health?

When you think about getting to the “perfect” weight, do you think more about how you will look at that weight, or about how fit you will be?  Is the focus all about fitting into a certain pair of jeans?  Or about hitting a certain blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure reading?

Does it matter?  Well, sure it does.  You can wear a size 6 and be fit, or be fat.  Yes, fat – in a size 6 – if there is no muscle tone in those little skinny jeans.  It pains me to see ladies in their late teens or twenties all squeezed into jeans with a big ole muffin top hanging out of the top.  That is not a look to aspire to!  The same young woman at the same weight who has been putting in 30 minutes each day sweating in the gym, on a treadmill, playing tennis, swimming, dancing, biking or running can slide into those same skinny little jeans and look fabulous.

My focus now, at age 57, is on being fit.  I do keep an eye on my blood sugar, cholesterol, percent of body fat, blood pressure.  So far, so good – all readings are nice and low, and without any help from the drug industry.

Take good care of your body!  It is the only one you will ever get, so feed it well and let it out to play for at least a half-hour each day.


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