What’s Your Why?

There is plenty of advice out there telling us we should work out.  Exercise will help keep your weight under control.  Exercise helps manage blood sugar, a big deal if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic.  Exercise is good for your heart and lungs – stuff that needs to be healthy if you plan to live to a ripe old age.  Exercise makes you look better.  It’s good for your legs too, your “wheels”, your long-term mobility.

What is the reason that you, personally, work out?  Some of the good reasons I mentioned may seem far away into your future and therefore not motivating in the short term.  How do you stay motivated to keep exercising?

I have to make up reasons.  Sure, intellectually I know about preventing diabetes, and that exercise helps keep my immune system strong, helps prevent cancer, and all that.  However, I am a bit lazy.  Some days I do not feel like running or building muscle with Chalean Extreme or even stretching.

My current fitness goal is to run a marathon.  Not just any marathon, somewhere out there in the future – the Capitol City Marathon, here in Olympia WA, on May 20th.  This year.  A little less than 3 months from now.  How does that keep me motivated?  It’s pure fear.  When I show up on May 20th – this year – I’d better be prepared to complete 26.2 miles in less than 6.5 hours.  Running that distance creates pain, and not be prepared means lots more pain. 

After May, there is another motivator.  The Twin Cities Marathon looms ahead in early October.  I’ve already signed up and booked the flight.  Guess I’d better be prepared for that one too!

So, what is your “why”?  How do you keep your motivation strong so that exercise is on your “must-do” list a few times each week?  Short-term goals, longer-term goals, and the Big Kahuna of Goals all come into play.  My Big Kahuna is living to be 120.  I want to arrive at my 120th birthday party with enough mental clarity to know what’s going on!  How about you?


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