Cancer vs. Exercise

While I was at my chiropractor appointment last week, I read an article called “The Impact of Exercise on Cancer”.  Interesting stuff – did you know that 25% of cancer cases are attributed to lack of exercise and being overweight?  (That’s from the International Agency for Research on Cancer.) 

Exercise does help keep your immune system running strong so your body can fight off bad stuff.  Exercise also helps control body fat.  So. naturally, these are both good things whether you are concerned about lowering your cancer risks or have been diagnosed already.

Exercise helps keep your blood sugar at a healthy level.  I’ve read that cancer loves sugar and sugar causes cancers to grow.  There’s some controversy about the cancer-sugar link, but think about it this way:  Most of us eat way more sugar than our bodies need – and when you’re eating sugar, you’re probably not eating lots of veggies at the same time.  Choose for yourself whether the broccoli is doing your body more good that the cupcake 🙂



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