Workouts For Rainy Days

The weather has been lousy this week – rain all day Monday, snow all day Tuesday, then rain up until mid-afternoon yesterday (Friday).  It turns out that I am a fair-weather runner.  I do not like running in cold, wet weather!

Beachbody is ideal for this.  Chalean Extreme workouts can be done indoors.  Okay, I know running can be done indoors too, on a treadmill – but treadmills are boring and bother my knees.  And boring, did I already say boring?  Chalene’s workouts, on the other hand, are not boring.  The times goes by fast and at the end I feel great!  I know the workout is hard enough, because I am a little sore the next morning.

I will be interested to see how the Chalean Extreme workouts improve my strength for running, especially long runs.  Today is Day 4 with Chalene, and I also have a 90-minute run scheduled.  The weather website says there will be a couple of hours of clear weather today, yay!


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