Wheat vs. Sugar

What foods make your blood sugar go up the most dramatically?  Between whole wheat bread and sugar, I would have guessed sugar – and I would have been wrong.

I’m reading a book called Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis.  Since I am sensitive to wheat gluten, I quit eating anything with wheat in it about 5 years ago.  I guess that’s why books like this are extra-interesting to me.

Dr. Davis says in his book that “healthy whole grains” make your blood sugar spike even more than white sugar does.  Well, that sounded backwards to me.

So I looked this up on the Internet 🙂  Just to be sure.  He’s right.  The glycemic index of white, regular, granulated sugar is about 60.  White bread is about 70, and whole-wheat bread is also about 70.

A higher glycemic index number means that your blood sugar shoots up higher and faster.  Too much sugar in the blood is bad, so your pancreas sends out some insulin to get the sugar out of the blood.  Sounds OK as long as you’re not diabetic, right?  No, sorry.  The insulin scoops up the sugar and stores it for you.  Where?  In visceral fat.  The fat around your internal organs.  Belly fat.  Wheat is the biggest cause of belly fat, hence the name “Wheat Belly”.

Dr. Davis goes into lots of details about all the various ways that belly fat creates havoc in the body, and all the reasons that wheat is the biggest cause of belly fat.  The book is, or should be, either a wake-up call for a lot of people or at the very least controversial enough to get people talking about whether “healthy whole grains” are in fact healthy at all.

Sobering stuff, for sure.  Now, don’t go and eat a bunch of white sugar instead of toast for breakfast tomorrow morning!  Eggs won’t mess with your blood sugar, and pretty much anything in the veggie and fruit world is still good for you.  The information about wheat, though, is something to consider.  Be healthy!


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