Going the Distance – one step at a time

Saturdays are long-run days.  My “sport” of choice is running long distances, and today’s long run was a little over 17 miles.  I’m all signed up to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in Vancouver BC in two weeks, and then a full marathon (yep, 26.2 miles) in October.  Having these events looming over me keeps me honest about training.  Running 13 miles without working up to the distance slowly is painful.

Just so I don’t mislead anyone – running 17 miles is not without pain, even though I did work up to that distance gradually.  My feet are not happy with me tonight.  My legs felt like they were made of cement for about the last 2 miles of the run.  Still, I’m glad I did it.  A good nights’ sleep erases most of the aches and pains of running.  I had to learn that gradually too.  Tomorrow I will feel just fine – but will be farther along toward the goal of running that marathon in October.

Your goal may be something other than running 26 miles, and I applaud your commitment to build your level of fitness to reach your goal.  To your health!


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