Would you try an e-cig?

By this point, we all know that smoking is not healthy for the body.  Many who have smoked for years have tried to quit, but still struggle with the habit.  As my nephew posted, “My Dr. told me that I there was nothing wrong with nicotine, but that cigarettes had 4000 other chemicals in them that were killing me. She suggested that I switched to E-cigarettes as I can still get my nicotine and they aren’t bad for me. They actually use an antimicrobial as their base.”

If you are ready to at least change to a less-healthy nicotine habit and are considering trying an e-cigarette, here’s some info from someone who is heading down that path right now:

“I’m closing in on the end of day 1 with the new Cigalectric e-cig. So far I’m pretty pleased with the results. I’ve been using the 11mg nicotine cartidge (medium) that came in the starter kit. Its a bit light on nicotine and flavor, but even though its light the flavor is good. I get a good amount of vapor and decent throat hit, although I have to take a deeper drag to get it. I have taken a couple drags off of an analog (regular) cig today, but mainly for flavor. I haven’t been having nicotine cravings while using the e-cig. Interestingly, the analog cigs are already starting to not taste as good after only 1 day. I’m pretty sure I won’t be wanting anything to do with an analog before long. I’m really interested in trying some other flavors. If what I’ve read is correct, the Cigalectric uses a standard 808 cartridge. That means I can get empty cartridges and fill them myself with a huge variety of flavored liquids. Prices for blanks and liquid are well under what I was paying for analogs as well. I chose the Cigalectric because I can buy them locally. After doing some research online I will say that they are a bit expensive for an e-cig. Quality and function seems to be fine, they feel well made and seem to work well. I will continue to post more as I continue with this and learn more. So far I would say this is a great thing for anyone who likes to smoke, but would like to be healthier.”

As a follow-up comment, Alex says  “. . . people should also look into 510’s. I haven’t used one myself, but there seems to be alot more additional supplies for those online.”

Something to consider – also less expensive than cigarettes, and no second-hand smoke.  Best of health to you!


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