Overweight Because of Your Genes?

Every once in awhile someone says to me, “You’re so lucky to be slim, you must have good genes”.  This is always a surprising idea to me.  I think my weight stays on track because I work out and eat reasonable portions of good-quality foods.

The bad thing about believing that your genes are responsible for your weight is that you cannot change your genes.  If it is all genetically set in stone, then you are helpless to do anything about it.  I do not believe that and I hope you don’t believe it either.  If your weight goes up or down based on your habits, then you CAN successfully get to a normal weight.  This is great news, because now YOU are in control!

Let’s say you are a good cook, or good at Scrabble, or a good singer.  Not world-class maybe, but you have some skills.  You can fix stuff around the house, you have a successful career doing whatever you do.  I would be willing to bet that you put in some time and effort to get good at these things, and you are rightfully proud of your abilities.  Want to be proud of your healthy, fit body too?  A little time and effort each day will go a long way toward that goal.

There are lots of websites that offer help.  Check out Skinny Crock Pot on Facebook for healthy, easy recipes and meal ideas.  Check out my Beachbody page at www.beachbodycoach.com/GAILSCHAL for some excellent workout programs, or http://myshakeology.com/gailschal for nutritional supplements and meal replacement shake info.  I make a Shakeology shake every morning for breakfast and LOVE what it has done for my health!  My cholesterol dropped 30 points between quarterly checkups and is well within normal limits now.

If you are ready to make some changes in your habits and take control of your health again, post a comment and let me know.  I will be cheering you on all the way!


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