What Are You Drinking??

What is the healthiest thing to drink?  I’ve heard some weird ones, like a co-worker several years ago who swore by gin whenever he felt a cold coming on.  The theory was that the gin would kill the “bug” causing the cold, but I think the guy just really liked to drink gin.

There are lots of popular beverages, of course.  Coffee and tea have been around for centuries and were not necessarily unhealthy, in moderation.  Now a coffee can set you back $4 and can have 300 calories or so in sugar and fat.  Maybe not the healthiest choice.

Then there are sodas, again with lots of sugar.  Do you think Mayor Bloomberg will succeed in making 16 ounces the biggest you can get?  Most places sell much larger sizes, of course – and even if you dodge the sugar, diet sodas are a chemical concoction that your liver hates to see coming.  Yep, I occasionally enjoy a soda too.  I used to drink 2 or 3 Diet Pepsis a day in the summer.  Now, one or two a week and none at all in cooler weather.

What about energy drinks?  Surely Red Bull is good for you, right?  Um, of course not.  You already knew that one.  Sure, they put some B vitamins in there, along with sugar and caffeine – but you can easily get the same B vitamins from a slice of bread or a good multivitamin.

What your body is really craving when you feel thirsty is water.  Just plain old water – bottled if your tap water tastes bad or has chemicals in it you don’t want.  Squeeze in a little lemon juice or lime, float some melon or berries or even cucumber slices in there, make it as fancy as you like.  Give your body what it wants and watch the craving for sodas and sweet-tasting drinks start to fade away.  Bottoms up!


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