What color is your star today?

My honey and I have a system to track our workouts.  We both are in the habit of working out, but every once in awhile we would just kind of take an extra rest day, or “get busy” with something and “forget” to exercise.  So we came up with this system a couple of months ago.

It’s not a complicated thing, and didn’t cost a lot to put into place.  It does work, though – it keeps us accountable to ourselves and to each other, and it even provides an immediate reward for getting our sweat on.

Here’s the system:  First, stop by Target or Staples or someplace that carries those little gold stars you remember from grade school.  They cost about $2 for 400 of them, and that’s for the über-cool package with 5 different colors of stars.  Next, open whatever free calendar software you may have on your computer.  Whatever you use for typing documents probably has a calendar template.  Print a single-page view that shows the whole month.  You don’t even have to use the computer.  A marker and a blank sheet of paper will do – you get the picture.  One month at a time, nothing intimidating.

We like to write in the workout we plan to do for any given day.  You may prefer to type into the calendar before you print it.  It’s all good.  Now here is the really important part:  Every time you work out, stick a star on that date on your calendar.  That’s it.  Put the calendar someplace where you will both see it every day.  Our calendars (his and hers!) live on the front of the refrigerator.

When we work out, we get the satisfaction of putting a star on the day.  I try to get one star of each color in each calendar week.  It sounds silly, but it works.  We pat each other on the back – hey, you got 6 stars this week!  Way to go!  And, of course, every time we reach into the fridge for something we get a visual pat on the back just by seeing our calendar.  Here’s a gold star salute to your good health!




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    I think this is an awesome idea for visual motivation! I might just have to give it a go so i can see my progress, not just a checkmark in my planner lol

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