Going Gluten-Free

My journey to gluten-free started in 2006 with a series of visits to a nutritionist to figure out why I felt lousy.  I had already made some changes in my diet and started walking a mile or so each evening after work.  The weight was starting to come off and I was no longer huffing and puffing to get up the hills on my walk.  I thought I should feel great, but I just felt like my tank was on empty all the time.

Norma the Nutritionist to the rescue!  She put me on a modified elimination diet and had me keep a journal of everything I was eating.  She quickly figured out that my issue was the E.G. – the evil gluten.  Once that was completely out of my diet, my energy levels went up, weight went down, and all the issues with headaches, sinus infections, and tummy troubles stopped happening.

Now I meet people who are having similar issues and need to lose the gluten from their diets.  I am happy to help you in any way that I can.

I’m working on a short e-book that will include many of the questions about how to make the changes to your diet.  You can help!  Please post your questions or insights from your own experiences in switching over to a GF way of life.  Where did you struggle?  What did you learn that we can share with everyone else who is just starting down this road?

Best of health and thank you so much for helping me gather all the info we can find about removing the gluten from our diets and reclaiming our health!


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