Add Some Joy to Life

Add Some Joy to Life

We were out walking in a small town in Washington when we came across this lovely bouquet of roses, just lying on top of a stone wall next to the sidewalk. My first thought was that someone had set them down and walked away, forgetting them. I looked around – there was nobody near us. The flowers were very fresh, as if they had only been there for a few minutes.

On closer look the flowers on the wall had a little card attached. It starts out “I’m a courtesy bouquet / With something special to say / Please take me, keep me, or give me away / Desiring only . . . to make someone’s day”

This is what I want to say today – find a way to make someone’s day. It will create as much joy in you as it does in them. Done right, it costs you nothing. It’s not fattening, not illegal, it builds relationships and good feelings, and is not in any way destructive. You can start small – just smile at someone and wish them a good morning.

If you cross a toll bridge in your travels today, pay for the car behind you. The $2 or $3 will make you smile all day long – and just guess what it’s doing for the driver who was told at the toll booth that the car ahead had already paid their toll.

At a local 5K a couple of years ago, there was a long line coming into the parking lot because there was a $3 charge for parking and only one attendant to take the cash. To speed up the process, I paid for my car and the car behind me. When I pulled into my parking spot, the car behind pulled in right next to me. The driver came flying out of her car and gave me a big hug! She explained that she had not brought her purse to the run, and had been scrounging frantically around the car – under the seats, in the cup holders, glove box – and did not have anywhere close to the $3 she needed. She was near tears pulling up to the attendant, sure that she would not be allowed to park and run her race. It was her first 5K ever! The morning was memorable for both of us, and for only $3.

So, find a creative way to make someone’s day!

** the flowers were from a local florist in Gig Harbor, WA, called the Floral Reef. Stop by if you are in the area!


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    Karen said,

    What a great idea (with the flowers) AND a great message! IT’s fun to make a person’s day… to be the one who makes them smile when they’re lost in their troubles. I kind of take this as a challenge now, to be more creative in how I can make someone smile!

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