Starting a New Workout Program

Last Sunday I ran the Portland Marathon.  That’s not quite accurate – mostly I walked the marathon.  I was under-trained; my longest training run was only 12 miles, and I walked most of that one too.  So, my preparation for a 26.2 mile run was pretty lightweight.  I finished but did not exactly “race” the event.

A week seems like enough recovery for such a half-hearted training effort and event.  Today I start working out my whole body, and not in preparation for a running goal for once.  My workout program is from Beachbody, and it’s called ChaLEAN Extreme.

I would be nervous, but I have done some of the workouts before so I know there are modifications for the moves I have trouble doing at first.  Chalene Johnson is a great trainer, she has so much energy and enthusiasm!

Did I mention that the workouts are on DVD’s so I can work out at home?  That is huge for me!  No expensive gym membership that I have to pay every month, and no worries about looking like an idiot as I bumble through the workout.  Off I go, it is time to get sweaty!


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