Getting Out the Door

The hardest part of any workout for me is getting started.  Once I get going, it’s fine – and after the workout, I am always happy that I did it.  But . . . and maybe you have this problem too . . . I say, time to work out.  I walk towards the bedroom to change into my gear.  Oh, I forgot, I was going to call and make a dentist appointment.  Oops, I have to take something out of the freezer for dinner tonight.  It will only take a minute to send out a quick e-mail to my friend.  What was I thinking, I can’t work out right now!  I have to start the dishwasher!  Some days I keep it simple:  I can’t work out because I just do not have the energy.

Did you ever notice that you have MORE energy after a workout than you did before you started?  Me too!  Today, even though I did not feel like doing my workout, I did it.  And I feel great.  Tomorrow I will probably drag my feet again, but I am determined to get it done anyway!  How about you?


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    Nita said,

    Your description is spot on. It’s always taking that first step out the door that’s the hardest!

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