Energy Gaps

Where are your energy gaps?  You know, those places in your day when you really want to (fill in the blank) but you just do not have the energy to get it done.  Exercise is a big one, for example.  If you had buckets of spare energy, wouldn’t you head to the gym, ride bikes after work with your kids/spouse/friends, take tennis lessons, or go for a nice long run?

Timing is important with the energy gaps, too.  Mid-afternoon just feels like time for a nap some days.  A snack works wonders, as long as it’s not just sugar and carbs.  Sure, a handful of chips or cookies sounds good, but that puts me into na-na land for sure.

The funny thing is, the best way to have more energy is to exercise and eat what best fuels your body.  You can be a Ferrari or a Yugo.  That Ferrari spends an hour of her day running, stretching, lifting weights, and dancing, doing squats and pushups and planks and crunches.  She is powered by lean meats, brightly-colored veggies, fresh fruit, quinoa, and Greek yogurt.  The Yugo?  She’s parked on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s watching sitcoms after dinner.

You are not a Yugo.  Your mighty 12-cylinder engine has all the energy you crave!  Tune it up with regular workouts and high-octane fuel and watch those energy gaps start to fill in.



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    angelllla24 said,

    Its so true that working out actually gives you more energy. Its a good one to remember when you’re tired and don’t want to get out of bed. I always feel so tired until I workout. Great article.

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