The Downhill Slide

fall foliage

It always seems to me that once the calendar flips open to October, the year just fast-tracks its way to New Year’s.  Of course, the effect is helped along by retailers.  I was already seeing gift wrap and decorations at Costco before Labor Day.  There were lighted Christmas trees at Lowe’s weeks ago.  And there are posts on Facebook to declare that we will refuse to participate in Black Friday’s Christmas sales events that start on Thanksgiving Day – we will wait and shop on the day after Thanksgiving as tradition demands.

For me, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season.  Four weeks or so from now, I will start preparing to cook a turkey and pumpkin pie.  The Christmas decorations could come out as early as the weekend after T-Day, but will probably not show up until a week (or even two, gasp!) after Thanksgiving.

My schedule allows me to avoid most of the stress and over-busyness of the season, while still enjoying the spirit of each holiday.  Best of all, I don’t have to gain a bunch of weight indulging in holiday treats well in advance of the holidays!  Exercise and healthy meals are still part of my regular schedule.  The stress and time-crunch do not have to start yet.

Happy Halloween to you!  Enjoy your weekend-before-Halloween parties – and know that you really do have a few more weeks before starting the zoom downhill to the end of the calendar, and into 2014.


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