Exercise + Rest = Stronger

Sometimes I forget how important it is to rest.  I was going to work out yesterday, I really was – until I woke up in the morning feeling beat.  First thing in the morning, and already I was feeling like I needed a nap.

I realized that I’d worked out for the last six days in a row.  It was a good day to skip the workout.  There need to be some rest days built in, especially for those of us who have already celebrated our 40th birthdays.  Our ability to recover, build new muscle, and regenerate ourselves starts to slow down over time.

So I did not exercise.  I did some knitting. worked through a webinar, read a magazine, did some laundry, and ran a couple of errands.   I cooked chicken in fresh lemon juice and garlic with some roasted red potatoes and carrots for dinner.   Nothing that would break a sweat unless it was a really hot day – and believe me, heat is not much of an issue in late October in Washington.  It was a no-sweat kind of day.

Today I will “push Play” on the ChaLEAN DVD and get my sweat on again.  Ready, set . . . GO!woman-163701_640


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