Day 1: What Are You Drinking?


One way to take in more calories than you want is to drink them.  I’m not necessarily talking about beer, wine, or mixed drinks here; even your morning orange juice may be socking you with over 100 calories for 8 ounces (one cup).

My favorite beverage at Starbucks is a Chai tea latte – which, in the grande size, is 240 calories.  That’s kind of the middle of the Starbucks road, too – most of the Frappuccino drinks are 400 or more.  Or, if you happen to be on the Dunkin’ Donuts side of the country, your medium vanilla Chai latte is 330 calories and a medium Frozen Mocha Bliss (with skim milk) is over 500.  Ouch.

A 12-ounce can of Coke is about 140 calories.  However, most fast-food places don’t even offer a 12-ounce size – a small is 16 or even 20 ounces.  Yes, iced tea is a better choice, but Lipton original sweetened is still 80 calories in 8 ounces – translation, 120 calories for that 12-ounce size.

So, to recap:  Drink a cup of juice with your breakfast, take a coffee-break run to the Starbucks or DD, down a soft drink with your nice healthy salad or sammie at Subway, a can of Coke from the machine in the break room at 4 pm, and a glass of milk (or wine, or a bottle beer) with dinner.  You just drank more than 700 calories, and probably did not even think twice about it.

I’m not preaching total abstinence here.  i went to Starbucks yesterday too.  I’m only saying, be aware.  Maybe the soft drink at lunch could be replaced by an ice-cold bottle of water.  The OJ at breakfast could morph into an orange at break time, to be munched instead of drunk.  A regular cup of coffee or tea could replace the Chai – even if you add 2 sugars, you’ve removed 200 calories.

Choose your battles in your quest to be healthy – will those calories come from what you eat today, or what you drink?  Reach for that bottle of ice-cold water!  Enjoy your day!



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