Day 4 – Plan To Move


The very best way to make sure you get enough exercise into your day is to plan it.  Choose a time that works in your schedule, even if it means getting up early.  Know what you’re going to do, when you will do it, where, how, with whom, even what you’re going to wear.

And then do it.

Your whole day goes better when your body is healthy.  Working out helps to reduce stress.  You sleep better when your body is physically tired and not just mentally exhausted.

Your brain even works better after you have worked up a sweat.  I’m reading a book right now called Spark:  The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John J. Ratey.  [Yes, I do know that I am a nerd.  I am peaceful with my nerdiness.]  This is a fascinating book!  And Dr. Ratey provides some great evidence that you brain does indeed love it when you exercise your body.

I am not buying that your dog ate your sneakers.  Look under the bed and in the back of the closet.  There are some running shoes in there somewhere, I just know it.  You don’t have to run if you hate running.  Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood before winter really gets serious and starts dumping rain or snow on the place.  Kick a soccer ball around the park with your kids, or the neighbor’s kids.  Set up a tennis date with your office buddy after work.  Just chasing all the balls that go over the fence can be a great workout.  Do 100 bicycle squats.  Are you still sore from doing them a couple of days ago?  Me too!

I have no identifiable physical talents.  I ran a 10K on Sunday morning and was near the back of the pack – which means, there were only 3 runners who finished after I did.  It is okay not to be a highly-skilled athlete.  Choose, though, to be an athlete.  Choose to be in shape to do the things you enjoy doing.

So, what time today will you be getting your exercise?


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