Day 7 – Fun Friday Balance Challenge

How good are you at maintaining your balance?  It is one of those things that starts to unravel as we age, but there are easy ways to keep your feet under you.

Here is your challenge:  Get into the habit of brushing your teeth standing on one foot.  Make sure you alternate feet, maybe by standing on your left foot every morning and on the right every evening.

You may be surprised at how hard this is at first.  It will get easier as you do it every day!  Do you feel your abs kicking in to help keep you stable?  That’s perfect, you are doing it right.  Your feet and ankles will also get a mini-workout.

This is a great one for the whole family.  Children may get a good giggle going, and what’s fun gets done.  For us non-kids, it really is important to keep your balancing parts trained.  This little daily “workout” is free, simple, and takes zero extra time out of your already-crowded day. Making you smile before you head out the door in the morning is just a bonus.


[ Here are some more balance-training moves for those who want to take it farther: ]


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