Day 11 – Coping With Cravings

There are a couple of food groups that I wish I had never met.  Dark chocolate, for example.  I love dark chocolate, and the current word is that the stuff is even good for you.  The bad news is that, if it’s around, I will eat it.  If it’s not around, I will make hot cocoa or eat the little snack-size M&M’s that were left when the trick-or-treating was over.  I will comb the kitchen for chocolate chips and munch them right out of the bag.

My name is Gail, and I am a chocoholic.  It’s not my first addiction, either.  I used to crave salt.  Potato chips, nuts, pretzels, and those crunchy little cheesy crackers.  Before that, it was ice cream, and before that – well, I don’t even remember, but I’m sure there was something.

Yes, there is help for this problem.  I rarely crave ice cream any more, or potato chips or pretzels.  Not the crunchy cheesy crackers, either.  Here’s a link to a brief article that lays out 10 strategies that may help with whatever your particular food addiction may be:

10 Ways to Control Your Cravings

Suggestions number 4 and 8 have worked the best for me – brew a nice hot cup of tea, or go do something that does not allow you to eat at the same time.  Phone calls are good, taking a walk (and leaving the chocolate at home) is good, and knitting works pretty well too.  The article is right, within 10 minutes or so the craving seems to pass.

One day at a time, that is truly a great motto.


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