Day 12 – Shredding The Saddlebags

This post is not about horses, or about carrying stuff around on your bicycle.  You may be aware of the “other” saddlebags, the ones that hang on around the outsides of one’s hips and upper thighs and refuse to let go.  Perhaps you are not plagued by these unsightly little bundles of un-joy.  Lucky you!  but if you are a runner, hiker, or like to go for long walks on the beach, you should still do this exercise:

Shredding Your Saddlebags

Here’s why it’s important.  I had to miss a race a few months ago because I strained my IT (iliotibial) band on an otherwise lovely 12-mile run.  By mile 7 or so I was already limping, and by the time I got back to my car, I had to use my hands to lift my left leg into the car.  It flat-out refused to leave the ground by itself.

The IT band runs down the side of your thigh from hip joint to just below the knee.  It is a big part of the system that lets you pick your feet up off the ground. That makes it pretty important for everyday use.  This exercise helps to strengthen the entire outer thigh so you don’t find yourself with one foot outside the car, like I did.  

All you really need to do this is something stretchy to work out in, and something to hang on to so you don’t fall over sideways.  I recommend a bar stool, because anything that involves a bar stool is automatically fun.  Right?  Enjoy!


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