Day 14 – Is Sitting Bad For Your Health?

Most of us could agree that sitting around all day is not the healthiest of lifestyles.  However, what if you get plenty of exercise?  Then it would okay to spend part of the evening in front of the tube, right?

Turns out, maybe not.  There was an interesting article in Runner’s World magazine a couple of months ago called Sitting is the New Smoking- Even for Runners.  Really, sitting is as bad for us as smoking?

A few years ago, my schedule included nearly two hours each day in the car, commuting to work.  My job involved a fair amount of computer time, plus a few hours a week in meetings.  Even without any TV-watching at all, that added up to a lot of hours each week parked on my keister.  At the time it seemed that most of my co-workers were in a similar position – that is, mostly in a seated position, most of the time.

Even with a solid exercise habit, it’s not a bad idea to get up and move around often.  Getting the blood moving usually provokes my brain into thinking of solutions to whatever I’m working on, or just lets some fresh air waft through my mental spaces.  A little change of scenery, short chat by the water cooler, stroll outside for a breath of fresh air – it’s all good!  Enjoy your day!


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