Lazy Mom’s Stuffed Peppers

ooh, this sounds really good – and healthy too!

The Pinterested Parent

Lazy Mom's Stuffed Peppers

Tonight, I am taking a break from the Pinterest inspired creations and sharing one of my favorite recipes.
Right off the bat, I have got to tell you that I love soy sauce. I am half Vietnamese so I think it must run through my veins. There are very few things that I do not add soy sauce to. It is good on everything, rice,eggs,meat,vegetables. You name it. Did you know that in Japan there is even soy sauce flavored Kit Kat bars. It’s true-fun fact. I am also kind of what you might call a soy sauce snob at least that is what my husband calls me, when I scoff at Kikkoman and La Choy. The soy sauce in this recipe is what I think makes it so special. So, enough about my crazed soy sauce rant and on to the recipe.

For my own recipes, I usually measure…

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