Day 25 – Curbing Your Appetite

I often eat less on days that I run, compared to days when I do strength training or don’t work out at all. I also seem to make better choices about what I eat – lean proteins, more fruits and veggies, and less junk food.

Maybe part of the reason is that, if I eat a couple of cookies, I feel more sluggish and just skip the run – or the reverse, after a good hard workout, I don’t want to mess it up by pigging out.

A little digging turned up an article with some science behind it that suggests that exercise might actually help suppress appetite. Think what great news that is! Instead of hanging out, chatting with your guests, watching football, or otherwise relaxing before your big holiday dinner, why not take the party outside for a little game of street ball during halftime, or a brisk walk around the block?  Toss a Frisbee around in the yard or at the park down the street. Anything that gets the blood pumping for even 20 minutes would be worth a try.

Another fun option, especially for Thanksgiving Day, is to sign up for a local Turkey Trot. Most of them are about 3 miles, and there are plenty of people who go to walk rather than run. You don’t have to suit up in those little shorts that runners wear, either – a pair of good walking shoes and comfy pants is fine. You don’t even have to get all sweaty or mess up your hair.

Most local events are fundraisers – ours is to help support the local food bank – so you would be giving back to your community. What a great way to show your thankfulness for the abundance in your life! Many start at 9 am so you have plenty of time to stuff the turkey and put it in the oven, head to town for an exhilarating walk with lots of new friends, and get home well before you have to peel the potatoes. What’s not to love?

nitro turkey run general



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