Day 27 – Thankful: To The Folks in Retail

Yesterday I went to Costco and Fred Meyer to pick up groceries for our Thanksgiving Day dinner as well as a party we are hosting on Friday. Oh, my. Black Friday gets lots of press as a big shopping day, but have you ever seen a news story about the Tuesday afternoon before T-Day?  Someone is missing a big headline there, and I bet Wednesday after 5 is even worse.

For all of you who work in retail, and particularly at stores that sell groceries, I am truly grateful. You guys and gals deserve medals.

Everyone I saw working at both Costco and Fred Meyer was cheerful. Working their fannies off, but smiling. Every checkstand was open, and there were lines at every single one. Most of the carts in line were full of stuff. The shelf-stockers were putting product back on shelves as fast as their hands would go, but they still managed to smile and offer help finding items.

You know, there is more to keeping healthy than just diet and exercise, important as those things are. Holidays create stress as we feel pressed to squeeze even more into the schedule. Time stress, financial stress, family squabbles, whatever it is for you, I hope you will take a deep breath and focus on what you are thankful for. The job that drives you nuts also puts food on your table. The kids bickering about who has to clean the kitchen are the same ones you so lovingly welcomed into the world a few years ago. Look for the best in your situation, and appreciate what you have going for you.

Happy Wednesday Before Thanksgiving! If you have to hit a grocery store today, smile and thank those folks.


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