Day 28 – Happy Thanksgiving! Are You Planning For Leftovers?

I was thinking today was the perfect time to post an easy, delicious, gluten-free recipe to use some of the tasty leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner. Alas, the recipe ideas that sounded easy were either loaded with iffy ingredients like 1/3-less-fat cream cheese, or relied on gluten-free items like GF stuffing or bread. The ones that were more health-conscious were also more complicated.

You are already spending hours in the kitchen preparing a feast as if royalty were coming. The last thing you want to look forward to doing tomorrow is more cooking!  Or maybe that’s just me. The day after Thanksgiving should be restful. Or a shopping day in a noisy, mobbed mall somewhere if that is your tradition. My personal preference includes parking myself on the couch with a knitting project or a good book.

My favorite way to use up leftovers is to pull the goodies out of the refrigerator, serve what sounds yummy onto a plate, and microwave the plateful of food until it’s nice and hot. Some turkey, sweet potatoes (or mashed potatoes and gravy), a scoopful of those roasted Brussels sprouts, for example. Add a salad and some leftover pumpkin custard and – voila! It’s déjà vu all over again, and as good as you remembered. Keep it simple.

Too simple, or you just don’t like to eat the same thing two days in a row? On any other day, I would agree. I also like variety in my diet. Thanksgiving is one time I make an exception, since it is such an exceptional meal. But, there are other ways.

You already know about turkey sandwiches and turkey quesadillas (use corn tortillas to keep them GF). The sweet potatoes can be peeled, mashed, and used in place of pumpkin for a second batch of “pumpkin” custard. I don’t know about you, but at my house the custard will be gone before Friday happens, so this idea has merit for me too. The Brussels sprouts will keep for three or four days, so come back to them on Saturday or Sunday. Enjoy the leftover fruit salad with your breakfast eggs, or the green salad tucked in with the turkey between two slices of GF bread for lunch.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


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