Chocolate, With Benefits!

If I were an academic and looking for a fascinating research project, I think the benefits of eating chocolate would be on my short list. This is life-enhancing stuff, after all. Forget researching about whether social media makes people happy, or why chimps fling poo (seriously, those were real studies in 2011, according to Sean Williams in an article for The Motley Fool, see link below). Let’s find out more about why chocolate is good for us, so we can relax and enjoy it without guilt.

Here’s some of the skinny on chocolate: One recent study in Spain found that teenagers who ate chocolate regularly tended to have less body fat than teens who did not. They were also more active and had more energy, which I found interesting. That study recommends an ounce and a half a day or less – after all, chocolate also has fat in it.

The Huffington Post lists ten benefits of eating chocolate, including reducing the risk of stroke in women, making our hearts healthier by lowering blood pressure and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and helps keep the blood moving smoothly (“…anti-clotting, blood-thinning properties … similar … to aspirin”).  It has fiber in it, it helps stop coughing, and it puts us in a better mood. Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s no secret that I really like chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and without a lot of other stuff in it. A Snickers bar or Ding Dong is not exactly chocolate; they are full of other stuff. Make mine just chocolate, please. We don’t want to dilute the health benefits, after all!


This links to the Motley Fool article

This links to the article about the study done in Spain

This links to the Huffington Post article


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