How to Share Your Good Health With Others

Years ago, in a small town in California, I went to donate blood at a local blood drive. The place was crowded. I asked one of the medical folks how they got so many people in to donate that day. She laughed and told me that there was a Weight Watchers meeting scheduled upstairs in about an hour. It seems that you weight less right after giving blood, and they all wanted a good weigh-in. That’s a very logical reason to give that I had not even considered.

Yesterday I happened to be at the blood bank again, sticking out my arm for the umpteenth time. My thinking is that, since I have been blessed with good health so far, I get to share. I’m paying it forward, creating good karma. It still surprises me to see several chairs occupied in the middle of the day on a Tuesday – and a week before Christmas, at that. Besides the holiday busyness, it is colds-and-flu season. It seems like many of the regulars would not be able to donate.

The technician poking my arm told me that it’s true, they do get fewer donors in during the holidays. Demand stays the same, but supply drops – sometimes to scary levels.

It only takes about an hour to donate a pint. If you are healthy and haven’t donated blood in at least 8 weeks, please consider calling your local blood bank and setting up an appointment. Give yourself the gift of good karma to match your gift of good health.


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