Choose Stress-Free For Christmas

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, and all through the house … what’s going on? Does chaos reign in your home at this time of year, or serenity? It’s a great time for socializing, enjoying the company of friends and family. Wonderful time for volunteering your time to help others. Walking through the neighborhood or driving around town to ooh and aah at the creative and/or abundant display of lights and decorations on the houses is fun to do.

There was a time in my life when this season was about running around in circles doing way too much, spending way too much, and enjoying way too little. I was one of those moms still wrapping presents at 3 am on Christmas morning before falling into bed for a 3-hour nap before the real craziness started. Now I look around and think, hmmm, I may have swung too far in the other direction. That feeling never lasts too long! My current under-decorating, under-shopping, and under-partying ways suit me just fine.

Today I’m trying out a new recipe for gluten-free gingerbread pancakes. (If they turn out well, you may see the recipe tomorrow.) Tonight would be a good time to drive around and check out the Christmas finery on all the houses. In between? Yes, there are some errands to run, to the post office and the grocery store, too. I’m choosing to focus on the happy and the relaxed for now. Have a peaceful Saturday!



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