I was always pretty active and stayed trim until I got into my 40’s and took a new job that came with a long commute. I didn’t notice the pounds creeping on, but others did. Finally my daughter mentioned that she always thought of me as being active and healthy, but I was getting really out of shape – and by the way, I was getting fat!

She was right, and I knew it.  I made a couple of small changes to my diet at first.  I started walking around the block (about 1.2 miles) each evening. Then I started running a little bit, and joined a gym as it got into autumn. The weight gradually started coming back off.

Along the way, I learned that my body does not tolerate gluten, so now I eat gluten-free.

I ran my first full marathon in November of 2008, about 2 1/2 years after I started just walking around the block. I ran my 6th in October 2013 and have a big bunch of medals from other races as well!

Now my goal is to help others find their way to health.  As an independent Beachbody coach, my income comes from commissions should you decide to purchase products through my Beachbody websites (the links are just below).  The coaching, the information, the friendship and encouragement are free and intended to help anyone interested in improving the quality of their health.




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