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Day 17 – Time For Some Inspiration!

I love it when people overcome their obstacles, including their own doubts and the restrictions they put up themselves, and make a huge move in the direction of their dreams.  Like Kimberly, for example.  She lost 95 pounds, and regained her self-confidence.  Oh, and she won $1,000 in the process!

Read Kimberly’s success story.

What a great story, right?  Did you notice that she thought she would not be able to do push-ups, couldn’t jump, and she didn’t have time to work out?  She even started doing Insanity in order to prove to her husband that she couldn’t do it. Now she is training to become certified to teach Insanity. What a huge change! Congratulations, Kimberly!

You may think that Kimberly is the only person to get great results.  You’d be wrong.  There are literally hundreds of success stories on the Team Beachbody web site.  See what the Beachbody Challenge is all about, and how you can start your own success story.

Have a wonderful day!


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What is Shakeology?

What if there was a product on the market that is packed full of nutrition, gluten free, that gives you energy, keeps you regular (yep, that is important too!), and is only about 150 calories. Would you want to know about it? Of course you would. It’s called Shakeology, and it’s from the same people who created P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire and other top-selling, world-class workout videos. Here’s the scoop on the most nutritious meal of my day, every day:

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>Day 2 of the Big Reboot

>Yesterday I made the decision to return to my healthy lifestyle.  That makes today, as every day, a time to take another step into that decision.

The first thing in my morning every day is walking the doggie.  Done with that, the doggie has been for her walk.  Morning walks are only a half mile or so, but it does get the day started for both of us.  Since the dog arrived in my life, I am so much more aware of the weather : )

Then, a Shakeology shake for breakfast – tons of nutrition, just a little handful of calories.  Seriously, like 150 calories plus another 30-ish for the splash of milk I add to make it even yummier.  I’ve packed a banana and a protein bar for snacks during the day when I need a little something, although the Shakeology usually keeps me rock-solid until 11 or so.

Time to go to work already – so what will the exercise plan be for today?  It may rain, so I’m undecided between a nice long walk after work, or pop in an exercise video and do my workout indoors.  Chalene Extreme is my top choice if the weather pushes me inside.

Now that my intention is published, I know I will follow through!  Keep well!

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>Surprise workout!

>OK, so I’ve mentioned that I am an independent Beachbody coach.  My favorite Beachbody product is the nutrition shake, called Shakeology.  Low glycemic index (only 24!), 140 calories, and packed full of nutrition – it’s a pretty amazing product.  When you order it on home delivery, you get a 30-day supply once a month and pay no shipping.

Here’s the surprise.  Beachbody includes two workout DVD’s with the first shipment.  I thought, easy starter workouts, right?  Wrong!  These are tough, serious workouts!  I did the 30-minute workout tonight and it was quite a challenge.  The second workout is 50 minutes.  I will need to work my way up to that one!

The trouble with easy workouts is that they don’t help much, and they’re boring.  I won’t be bored by this workout for awhile.  It is enough of a challenge that I know I’ll do it again, but not so overwhelmingly tough that I will just give up.  Something to work towards.  This makes me *smile*.  I feel mighty! 

More to follow!

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>About the numbers

>Went to the doc this week for a follow-up chat about my annual blood testing.  The word is, my cholesterol is just a bit high, and has been for a few years now.  However, a closer look at the most recent test shows that my HDL’s (good cholesterol) are really high, 83.  That’s 20 points higher than 5 years ago . . . and way above the recommended 40.   Since all the cholesterol numbers are added together – the good and the bad – mine is considered healthy.

Today I donated blood.  The tech who tested to be sure there was enough hemoglobin (Hb) commented on my Hb number – as in, “Oh, wow, that’s really good!”.  And, my blood pressure was 102/60 – nice and low.  Did I mention, I’m in my mid-50’s and not taking any prescription meds at all?

Some of this may be due to all the exercise the last few years, or just good genes.  Maybe.  I don’t have copies of all the cholesterol tests, but two in the last 5 years had my HDL at 64 and 62.  Now it’s 83, markedly better.  And I know my blood pressure even a year ago was more like 120-something/70-something.  Today’s numbers were exactly the same as at the doctor’s office on Tuesday – 102/60.  Markedly better.

So what is new during the last year that would make such a big difference?  Last year I was running, on average, 25 miles a week.  I’ve run very little since late August because of the neuroma in my foot.  Really little – less than 25 miles total in the last 3 months.  My weight has gone up about 5 pounds since I’m not running the calories off. 

I’m not trying to make a case for getting less exercise and gaining weight!  That’s not what I think made me healthier.  I started using Beachbody’s Shakeology product in August.  Every day – one scoop a day, mixed in milk or water, 140 calories (with water), TONS of nutrition.  Most days I drink a shake at breakfast because it is quick.  I used to skip breakfast, or eat something like a protein bar and a cup of tea.  Now I have plenty of energy to get through the first part of the day, along with all the other health benefits of Shakeology!

Check out this video for more info.  The first minute or so gets to some information about what Shakeology does for cholesterol levels, but I thought the whole video was interesting.  Let me know what you think!

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>Start where you ARE

>Starting at the beginning:  This blog is about getting fit, staying fit, enjoying a long and healthy life – and starting from where you are today.  Right now.  This very minute.  After all, how could you possibly start from anywhere else??

Are you as healthy, fit and energetic as you want to be?  For most of us the answer is no, no, and NO!  Get ready.  That can all change if you decide you want more AND if you are willing to take action on that decision.

Here’s my story, going back just a few years.  At age 50 or so, my daughter signed me up to run Bay to Breakers with her.  This was on Mother’s Day – one week before the 7.5 mile run.  Uh oh.  How many women of 50 or so can just go out and RUN 7 1/2 miles?  Well, I was not one of them : ) 

After Bay to Breakers (which we walked due to my lack of fitness), said daughter told me she had always thought of me as active and fit.  And, she continued, I’d better get busy and get back in shape! . . . and by the way, I was getting fat and should do something about that too.

Ouch.  So what did I do?  I started walking around the block a few nights a week.  Then I started running a little bit, maybe 100 yards here and there during my walks.  Then I joined a gym.  The next year we really did RUN Bay to Breakers together – my Mother’s Day gift to my daughter this time.  And, on the way home, we (including three 20-something friends of Kristi’s) made plans to run a half-marathon later in the year.

I was scared to death!!!  RUN 13.1 miles??  Me?  I tried to play the age card – after all, the others in the group were more than 20 years younger.  No go.  Yikes.  So, I got busy and worked harder at being in shape.  We RAN the San Jose Rock & Roll half-marathon in October 2007.  Wow!!

A year later, I ran my first full marathon, the San Antonio Rock & Roll.  After running my 4th full marathon in San Francisco in July 2010, I started having severe pains in my left foot.  Turns out, I have a neuroma – an inflamed nerve – that makes it painful to run.

Doctor said, find a new sport.  I said . . . I will find my own ways to stay fit and healthy and to continue the activities I love.  Last weekend I walked the Malibu half-marathon.  Next year, my plan is to run the Detroit Free Press marathon! 

From starting to walk around the block until the first full marathon was about 2 1/2 years.  Along the way I discovered I had a food sensitivity and should not eat anything that contains wheat, rye, barley, or oats.  My diet has evolved and I am healthier for it.  I discovered an incredible company called Beachbody, producers of P90X, Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, and Shakeology – among other fitness products.  More to follow on these things.  And, I found new friends who are on their own fitness journeys.  We support and encourage one another, and also have a good time along the way!

My message to you is, no matter where you are starting from, just start.  There is a huge amount of help available to you.  Talk to me about your story, your challenges, your breakthroughs.  You can find me here, and you can find me on my Beachbody coach web page,

Parting thought for today:  Who will you be one year from today?  You can choose to take action and be more than you ever thought possible if you are ready to get started.  Time will continue whether you make a change or not.  What is keeping you from moving toward your goals?  More to follow!


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